Melinda and Jack Davis were invited by their grandparents, Jay and Mary Davis, to honor two of their Granada High School teachers. Photo Credit: Jay Davis



Jay and Mary Davis have been funding scholarships through the Pedrozzi Foundation since 2015.  They allowed their children, Kathy and Rob, to select teachers from their Livermore school experiences to honor with the original pair of named scholarships. Appreciating the opportunity to recognize the work of others, the Davises continued to grow their portfolio of named scholarships over the years. Recently, they invited their grandchildren, Melinda and Jack, to join in their philanthropy, asking them to select two additional teachers to honor.  Both grandchildren selected teachers from Granada High School in Livermore where they were both four-year varsity swimmers, and Jack also played varsity water polo.

Melinda Davis, a senior at Azusa Pacific University, is majoring in Medical Sciences and swims collegiately for the Azusa Cougars. As a college freshman, Jack Davis is starting his college career at Occidental College in the Physics-Engineering Program which will culminate at California Institute of Technology. He will also play water polo for the Oxy Tigers.

Melinda chose to honor Amanda Cleveland, her Chemistry teacher, and Jack chose to honor Matthew Clifton, one of his math teachers. Melinda Davis and Jack Davis left Granada inspired and well prepared for their academic and athletic college experiences.

Granada High School teachers Amanda Cleveland and Matthew Clifton Photo Credit: LVJUSD

Ensuring that their philanthropy continues, Jay and Mary Davis decided to begin endowing their portfolio of named scholarships, beginning with the scholarships in honor of the outstanding educators selected by their grandchildren. Next spring, the Pedrozzi Foundation looks forward to awarding the endowed scholarships recognizing Amanda Cleveland and Matthew Clifton to two members of the Livermore School District Class of 2024.

The next cycle of Pedrozzi Scholarship applications opens in January 2024, but Amanda Cleveland and Matthew Clifton are already inspiring students at the start of the new school year.