The skills learned at UC Berkeley prepared 2013 Scholar Selena Shang for her current job at Yahoo. Selena seeks to use technology to improve daily life and as a method for connecting people within their communities. She explains her current pursuits:

My time at UC Berkeley was eye-opening and full of opportunity. I was exposed to people and ideas from all corners of the world, and I felt very lucky to work with students and faculty at the top of their fields. In my free time, I found a passion for teaching and volunteered in K-5 STEM education programs and was also a teaching assistant for Berkeley’s big data class. 

Since July, I’ve been working at Yahoo as a product manager for mobile mail apps. As a product manager, I get to shape Yahoo’s international growth strategy, define the direction of our products, and work with many talented engineers, designers, marketers, and lawyers. I hope my work creates intuitive experiences that make people’s days easier and less cluttered amongst all the noise. As technology expands into developing countries, there is also a great opportunity to connect these new users to their community as well as to those outside of it. It’s an exciting time for tech and my experiences at Berkeley set me up to be here! 

Thank you for your part in my college experience, Pedrozzi!

-August 2017