Mission Statement

2018 Pedrozzi Foundation Awards Recognition Event – Bankhead Theater, May 15, 2018:
Front Row L to R: Kimberly Cano, Angelina Cruz, Yoselin Delgado, Candice Dy Cruz, Flor Jimenez, Vanessa Perez, Alessandra Puentes, Katherine Robles, Samantha Romero, Priel Wolfe.
Back Row L to R: Jennifer Pennybacker, Anne Rosendin, Carolyn Siegfried, Gina Bonanno, Maggie Tufts, Denise Nathanson, Kevin Grier, Monica Moya

To promote equity in opportunity for Marylin Avenue STEAM Academy students in pursuit of their educational goals beyond high school.

Program Description

The Pedrozzi Foundation believes that all students deserve the opportunity to pursue their academic and career aspirations. The Pedrozzi Young Scholars Program encourages and supports selected Marylin Avenue STEAM Academy honor students through middle and high school towards achieving their post-high school educational goals.

It’s well known that advanced training and education can dramatically enhance an individual’s quality of life and are critical for the US to maintain a competitive workforce. By 2025, 60% of jobs will require post-secondary education or training. High school graduates need to be prepared to take advantage of the best post-secondary option for them whether it’s a bachelor’s or graduate degree, an associate’s degree, or a vocational certification.

Data show that not all Livermore students are academically prepared to directly enter a 4-year college upon high school graduation. There are various reasons for this outcome: students may have low expectations for continuing their education after high school graduation, face financial challenges, or lack access to information and resources. As a result, some students lose the motivation to succeed academically and graduate from high school unprepared to move on to college or a vocational training program. Creating a college- and career-culture throughout students’ middle school and high school years can make a big difference in a student’s confidence, expectations and readiness to continue their education.

With this in mind, and in collaboration with the school district, in 2016 we launched a pilot Pedrozzi Young Scholars Program. The program selects those 5th grade students who have earned a place on the Marylin Avenue Elementary School Principal’s Honor Roll. These students then receive age-based, targeted support as they progress through grades 6 through 12. The program is designed to help and encourage these students to succeed academically in their middle school and high school years, and to be better prepared for entering a college or vocational training program. Each year a new group of 5th grade honor students is invited to participate in the program.

Key elements of the program are enrichment, engagement, exposure and encouragement for the students and their families. As students enter the program, they are publicly recognized for their elementary school academic achievement. The types of resources and support offered will include skill building, exposure to college and career options, mentoring, course selection, college applications and accessing financial aid. The program will also work to connect students and parents to the wide-variety of existing school and community resources and extra-curricular opportunities. The current partners in this program are members of the Pedrozzi Foundation, staff and representatives of the LVJUSD, and City of Livermore Library staff. Metrics designed to measure the program’s effectiveness are being developed. It is our hope that as high school seniors these students will be prepared to earn a Pedrozzi Scholarship.

2017 Pedrozzi Foundation Awards Recognition Event – Bankhead Theater, May 22, 2017:
Front Row L to R: Luis Valdez, Kenyatta Turner, Pamela Salazar, Jarelle Remoroza, Karen Padilla Preciado, Cynthia Marron, Jakob Katvala, Jarrod Marshall Chapman, Fernando Arizmendi.
Back Row L to R: Alberto Solorzano, Gina Bonanno, Carolyn Siegfried, Kelly Bowers, Monica Moya

2016 Marylin Avenue Year-End Assembly – June 13, 2016
Front Row L to R: Cesar Gutierrez, Trish Pedeglorio, Anthony Martinez, Maliyah Rivera, Saray Espinoza, Mariana Gutierrez, Aleidy Jimenez, Lourdes Magana
Back Row: Principal Alberto Solorzano

Pedrozzi Young Scholars News

2024 Pedrozzi Young Scholars Selected

The newest Pedrozzi Young Scholars were excited to be recognized at the Bankhead Theater in downtown Livermore for the Foundation’s Annual Recognition Event.  These thirteen 5th-graders from Marylin Avenue STEAM Academy were selected for being [...]