Sara Novell – 2014 Pedrozzi Scholar

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Part of a college experience is developing your
own interest and involvement in the surrounding community. 2014 Pedrozzi Scholar, Sara Novell, talks about her experience in that process:

This summer, I have an internship at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, where I am working as a mechanical engineering intern at NIF. I love being able to come home for the summer and work for such a cool company! I learn so many new things every day and get to implement everything I have learned at Cal Poly while working on my project.

During the school year, I work at the Cal Poly mechanical engineering machine shops as a shop technician. I get to work with all sorts of machinery and even teach other students how to use them so they can make their projects. I am also a part of the Cal Poly Rose Float, where I will get to be in the float during the Rose Parade once again! This year I will be operating the drive engine. Also for the float, a team and I designed and built a flatbed truck we will use to move equipment from San Luis Obipso to Pomona [See photo]. I am also a tour guide for the college of engineering at Cal Poly, so if any high schoolers want to learn about Cal Poly Engineering, I can give them the inside scoop!

-July 2017