Part of a college experience is developing your
own interest and involvement in the surrounding community. 2014 Pedrozzi Scholar, Sara Novell, talks about her experience in that process:

This summer, I have an internship at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, where I am working as a mechanical engineering intern at NIF. I love being able to come home for the summer and work for such a cool company! I learn so many new things every day and get to implement everything I have learned at Cal Poly while working on my project.

During the school year, I work at the Cal Poly mechanical engineering machine shops as a shop technician. I get to work with all sorts of machinery and even teach other students how to use them so they can make their projects. I am also a part of the Cal Poly Rose Float, where I will get to be in the float during the Rose Parade once again! This year I will be operating the drive engine. Also for the float, a team and I designed and built a flatbed truck we will use to move equipment from San Luis Obipso to Pomona [See photo]. I am also a tour guide for the college of engineering at Cal Poly, so if any high schoolers want to learn about Cal Poly Engineering, I can give them the inside scoop!

-July 2017

UPDATE 1/1/2019:

Sara Novell is now president of the Cal Poly Rose Float team. Students on this team work year-round to design, build, and decorate the float over a 15-month period.

On January 1 at the Rose Parade, the Cal Poly float received the Extraordinaire Award, an award given to the most extraordinary float. It also received the “California Grown” designation, signifying floats that are decorated with at least 85 percent cut flowers and plant materials from California.

The Pedrozzi Foundation is proud of Sara Novell for her innovation and leadership on this incredible, award-winning project. Check out the photo of the amazing float and join us in congratulating Sara and the Cal Poly team on their award!…/article_c5ac6154-1497-11e9…