Pedrozzi President Kathy Coyle, Donor Jay Davis, Leo Croce, John Shirley, and Executive Director Carolyn Siegfried at a recent Rotary Club Meeting.

The Rotary Club of Livermore honored Leo Croce and John Shirley this year by generously funding two scholarships in their names. Pedrozzi Scholarships are frequently funded by generous community members in honor of peers, family members, and friends. This year, at the urging of Rotarian Jay Davis, the Rotary Club of Livermore will be recognizing two long-time Rotarians and Livermore icons.

Leo Croce served as a long-time educator and administrator in the Livermore School District, with a school, Leo Croce Elementary, named in his honor. Because of his focus in education, the Leo Croce Undergraduate Scholarship was awarded this year to Rachel Roter who is pursuing a career in teaching.

John Shirley worked in the Livermore community as a veterinarian and served as mayor. Dr. Shirley was also a personal acquaintance of Mario Pedrozzi as they served on the city council together. Because of his years as a veterinarian, the John Shirley Undergraduate Scholarship was awarded to Shelby Rocereto who is planning on entering the field.