Over spring break, our middle school Pedrozzi Young Scholars had the exciting opportunity to take part in a three day Science and Art camp. Twelve of our middle school Pedrozzi Young Scholars attended the camp. With the artistic guidance of Artist, Thomasin Dewhurst, and the knowledge of Space Bioscientist, Parag Vaishampayan, who has worked with NASA on the Mars Rovers teams, all twelve students created paintings of what they envisioned life on Mars would be like.


The students also created models of Mars rovers that they believed would work on Mars’ terrain. The students based their painting and rover creations on knowledge they gained from the book,”Packing for Mars for Kids” by Mary Roach, who they met last year, and the documentary, “Good Night Oppy,” about the Mars Rovers, Opportunity and Spirit, that went to Mars in 2004.


Two of our high school Pedrozzi Young Scholars volunteered their time to assist the instructors at the art and science camp. All of the projects created at the camp will be on display at the Tri-Valley Innovation Fair on April 15, from 10 am – 5 pm, at the Alameda County Fairgrounds.


The Pedrozzi Young Scholars also took a short walk over to view the Astronaut mural in Downtown Livermore painted by Thomasin Dewhurst, Anne Giancola, Matt Finders, and Larry Lagin. The students got to hear from one of the Astronaut mural artists, Thomasin Dewhurst, what it was like to paint a mural so large and techniques the artists use to ensure their vision is achieved. It was a fun and informative spring break!

Please enjoy the pictures of the students artwork and Mars rovers below!

Rovers and Artwork displayed at the Tri-Valley Innovation Fair