The Pedrozzi Young Scholars had the exciting opportunity to meet Jessica Aguirre, NBC Bay Area News Journalist, on May 31 at Marilyn Avenue School. Jessica Aguirre is the evening anchor at NBC Bay Area news and an Emmy Award winning journalist. She has been a primetime evening news anchor for over 20 years and co-hosts NBC Bay Area’s Race in America: The Conversation.

Jessica shared her educational and career journey with 32 Pedrozzi Young Scholars, emphasizing the hard work required. She began her career at the Spanish language network Univision while attending the University of Miami. In 1998, she anchored and reported in Los Angeles and Miami.

As a daughter of immigrant parents, Jessica is fluent in Spanish and, at a young age, learned English as a second language. Jessica is passionate about global events and travels worldwide.  She covered the Olympics in Brazil as the English speaking anchor for NBC Bay Area and Spanish speaking anchor for sister station Telemundo 48. She also covered the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 from Ground Zero.

Jessica shared that she has always worked hard to get what she wants, and that her career and educational journey has not been easy. Jessica is honored and proud to encourage young students to continue their academic pursuits and work hard to reach their dreams. Sharing that she used to be embarrassed that it took her 6 years to finish college, she is now proud to have earned her college degree while working. Balancing work and school is challenging, but worth the effort.

 The students were inspired by Jessica’s story and positive energy and appreciated that she expressed how proud she is of them for becoming Pedrozzi Young Scholars.


– June 2023