Selected as 5th graders in 2016, the inagural cohort of Pedrozzi Young Scholars graduated from high school in June 2023. To commemorate this momentous occasion, a celebration was held for all seven students and their families at Wingen Bakery on June 1. In attendance from the Pedrozzi Board were Goud Memula and Monica Moya. Gina Bonanno, former Pedrozzi Board member and current PYS working group member, was also there to celebrate the occasion.


Maggie Tufts, Pedrozzi Young Scholar Program manager, did a wonderful job celebrating the achievements of each student. We also had the pleasure of having one of the 5th teachers from Marilyn Avenue School in 2016 in attendance. Monica Moya gifted each of the PYS graduates t-shirts from the schools they will attend this fall.



Congratulations to our first graduating class of Pedrozzi Young Scholars! The sky is the limit!