This summer, a few of our Pedrozzi Young Scholars have had the opportunity to work as Interns for Quest Science Center, including Yoselin Delgado, Quest’s Summer Communications Intern. Yoselin attended Quest’s Math Marvels event on June 17th, and shared her thoughts on the event in the piece below. Way to go, Yoselin!

Hi! My name is Yoselin Delgado, and I am a rising junior at Granada High School in Livermore. I am beyond excited to share my experience with Quest with you, and I hope you’ll tune in to my stories of the inspiring events Quest has to offer. Keep reading to hear more about my time at Math Marvels last month!

On Saturday, June 17th, Quest Science Center hosted Math Marvels, their latest Science@Stockmen’s Park event, bringing mathematics to children in the local community through fun activities ranging from card games to illusions and even magic. By 11:30 am, Quest Plaza in Downtown Livermore was bustling with community members and children hopping between activities. Their contagious excitement spread to the adults present, who happily joined in once encouraged by the children, participating in the games or simply enjoying the music supplied by our wonderful DJ.

A favorite activity was the “Think Of A Number” game, where a person would think of a number from 5-10 and no matter the sequence of the numbers, you would end in the same chalk square on the ground every single time. This mind-blowing game surprised both adults and children, who tried again and again to cheat the game to reach another square, but couldn’t find another solution. It was very amusing to watch participants become astonished by different things they learned, such as the Fibonacci sequence, when they realized the connection to all the spirals present in nature.

However, nothing can compare to the highlight of the event. At 12:30 pm, everyone gathered on the lawn for a magic show hosted by Caleb Cheung, Quest’s Chief Learning Officer, who introduced the audience to the concept of probability, starting with a coin toss. It was amazing to witness how Caleb was able to transform an everyday subject like mathematics into something incredible. While his tic-tac-toe game prediction with his magic monkey assistant, Coco, was impressive, I was personally blown away by his Rubik’s cube trick, where he matched up the sequence of the cube he had passed around to the kids to one he had stored inside of a glass bottle, slowly turning each side in alignment with the second one and letting the audience marvel at his trick. Overall, I’d say Math Marvels was very lively, and it was enjoyable to see people of all ages come together to learn and enjoy their time at our event, leaving with big smiles and high spirits.

I’ll be attending Quest’s next Science@Stockmen’s Park event, Sound Sensations, and I’m excited to share more of my writing with you after the event! Hope to see you there!

Your Local High Schooler,

Yoselin Delgado

From the Author:

I started my writing journey at the age of 7, where I wrote just about anything my mind would conjure up. Whether that was fairy tale adaptations or silly storylines I thought of, I was writing it all down and even making my own little picture books to go along with them! My passion only grew as I got older and as I dove more into the world of literature, spending my days with either my nose in a book or ink over my hands. I was surprised by how quickly writing became one of the most prominent aspects of my life. Thanks for reading!