The Pedrozzi Young Scholars visited Livermore’s Duarte Garage. The Duarte Garage was built in 1915 by F.H. Duarte. It is on what was once the Lincoln
Highway, the first transcontinental U.S. highway.

Will Bolton, Curator of the Duarte Garage, gave the Young Scholars an overview of the history of the Lincoln Highway and the Duarte Garage. Then, the Young Scholars formed smaller groups and were paired with Livermore Heritage Guild volunteers. They led each of the groups through several exhibits within the garage. The Young Scholars had the opportunity to learn more about Livermore’s history, with several of the exhibits containing information and photos of Livermore’s past.

A highlight of the tour was the exhibit on Livermore’s schools. Much has changed since Livermore High School was established in 1891. The Pedrozzi Young Scholars were able to see pictures of Livermore schoolhouses and sit at a historical desk.


Another highlight was the historic firetrucks that are housed in the Duarte Garage. It was exciting to see firetrucks that were used by Livermore’s Fire Department. The volunteers shared information about restoring the firetrucks. The Young Scholars even had the opportunity to ring the firetruck bell.

The Pedrozzi Young Scholars had a great time visiting the Duarte Garage and learning about Livermore’s history. A special thanks to the Livermore Heritage Guild volunteers who hosted the Young Scholars!