This summer, the Pedrozzi Young Scholars participated in three innovative programs offered by Quest Science Center to encourage learning and exploring in a variety of ways. This is the first summer that any programs have been offered to Pedrozzi Young Scholars. The camps were a great way to keep the Scholars engaged while they were out of school in July.

Thanks to Quest Science Center for providing these opportunities for the Pedrozzi Young Scholars!

Nature Explorers Camp

A small group of Pedrozzi Young Scholars attended five sessions of Nature Explorers Camp. Scholars met at local parks (under strict safety precautions) to learn more about local nature. Scholars were able to observe animals in their habitats, see interesting animal behaviors in action, identify different animal and plant specifies, and learn more from local scientists and experts. Scholars utilized a nature journal to record their notes of observations. The Scholars enjoyed playing games, asking questions, and interacting with fellow Scholars.

Electricity and Magnetism Science Camp

The incoming sixth- and seventh-grade Pedrozzi Young Scholars participated in week-long Zoom camps about concepts relating to electricity and magnetism. For these science camps, Scholars were provided with a box of materials to utilize during the week. Led by a science teacher and Quest interns, the Scholars were able to build basic electrical circuits, explore magnetism, and combine them to create electromagnets. The Scholars were excited to construct motors and speakers.

Math Explorers Camp

Incoming ninth- and tenth-grade Pedrozzi Young Scholars participated in Math Explorers Camp through Zoom. This camp helped the Scholars explore algebra concepts in fun and engaging ways. The Scholars were given challenges, puzzles, and games. They were encouraged to solve them using creative thinking and problem-solving skills. These open-ended challenges helped the Scholars use math concepts and algebraic formulas to try to solve them. Many Scholars even played the games with their families after learning them during camp.