Though it is summertime, our Pedrozzi Young Scholars continue to have exciting opportunities. On July 7, eight PYS attended a SPARC performance of Silent Sky at Darcie Kent Vineyard as part of their Shakespeare in the Vineyard series. The show was at 7:30 pm, and Livermore’s Wine Country was the perfect setting for a performance.





One Pedrozzi Young Scholar in attendance, Karen Padilla, commented, “The best way I could describe Silent Sky is it was a perfect balance between the typical theatrical exaggeration and the realism and facts that surrounded the life of Henrietta Leavitt.”

Angelina Cruz, an 11th grade Pedrozzi Young Scholar said, “I liked the play and its story. I found it interesting that Henrietta Leavitt found a way to measure how far the stars are from each other. I also enjoyed the scripting of the play and the occasional jokes.”


PYS student, Eduardo Ibarra Gudiño, a 10th grader, commented, “Well first I just want to say that the play was really nice to watch. The characters were fun and it was enjoyable to see them interacting with each other. I felt invested in the story and wondered what would happen next. Although the play had some funny moments that made it enjoyable in the first place, it also had some pretty serious moments that made me care more about the characters and their feelings. Overall I enjoyed watching this play.”