Pedrozzi Young Scholars in grades six to eight were invited to attend a week-long summer camp focused on Robotics at Las Positas College (LPC).

The students built robots out of LEGOS and received instruction on programming through the use of LEGO Spike, and curriculum inspired by LEGO Education and Carnegie Mellon University. Las Positas professor of computer science, Carlos Moreno, created an environment for the kids to truly explore what it means to be in STEM.


The students used engineering, math, and technology to design, build, and program their robots to accomplish various tasks. The young roboticists employed problem solving, creativity, communication, and teamwork to learn the ins and outs of robotics. Under the guidance of Professor Moreno, the students were able to create interactive games and activities, demonstrate innovation, and develop confidence and self-esteem. Moreno shared that he felt that the camp was “transformative for the students as they realize their potential, not just as STEM-oriented kids, but as college-bound young scholars.”




We were excited to have 24 Pedrozzi Young Scholars in attendance at the camps:

12 from PYS cohort 2024
5 from PYS cohort 2023
5 from PYS cohort 2022
2 from PYS cohort 2021



Quotes from some of our students during camp:

Diego Ortiz, incoming 6th grader (PYS Cohort 2024), “I felt like a whole other person on the LPC campus. I learned active teamwork and how to be a creative builder.”
Rociel Ruiz, incoming 8th grader (PYS Cohort 2022), “Lego spike is fun. I particularly enjoyed lunch. I learned a little bit of Python, that Lego spike exists, and how to use a public computer.”
Luke Martinez, incoming 9th grader (PYS Cohort 2021), “Robotics camp was fun, interactive, and educational. I liked learning python and having lunch at the cafeteria on campus.”
Most of the students said, “What I enjoyed the most was learning how to build robotics, program the robots and being on a College Campus.”


Thank you to Las Positas College and Quest Science Center for the fantastic opportunity for our Pedrozzi Young Scholars!