Current community college students are eligible to receive up to two scholarships simultaneously from the Pedrozzi Foundation: a Pedrozzi Community College Scholarship (PCCS) and a Pedrozzi Continuous Achievement Scholarship (PCAS). Recipients for both scholarships are selected from the Pedrozzi Community College applicants pool; only one application needs to be completed.

Applications from all Pedrozzi Community College Scholarship recipients will be evaluated to determine if the recipient is also eligible to receive a PCAS funded by generous community members. Applicants who:

  • are current community college students,
  • plan to continue studying at a community college and
  • demonstrate progress toward transferring or earning a degree or certificate while balancing school, work, and challenging personal situations

will automatically be placed in the pool of PCAS applicants.

Note: Some current community college applicants will be awarded only a Pedrozzi Community College Scholarship while others will be awarded both a PCCS and a PCAS. Recipients who are awarded a PCAS are eligible to receive a 1, 2 or 3 year scholarship depending on their academic status and progress.


Contact the Pedrozzi Foundation at if you have specific questions.