Nicole Guzzo, a 2013 Pedrozzi Scholar, found her time at Whittier College invaluable. After being an involved community member and Dance Team leader, she is discovering her passion within marketing:

Attending Whittier College may be the best decision of my life thus far. These last four years have been incredibly fulfilling. Because of the small, intimate setting, I was able to be extremely involved on campus. Working as a peer mentor for freshmen, interning in the Digital Liberal Arts Center, running the college’s Dance Team, and researching Disney consumer behavior as my senior project are just a few of my favorite moments. Not only was I exposed to countless opportunities, but attending a smaller school made it easy to foster and build healthy relationships with my peers and the school’s faculty and staff, so I had people to share my experiences with. It’s safe to say I loved college, and I’m pretty sure college loved me!

Although graduating was bittersweet (like I said, I loved college), my life is just beginning. I was able to turn a year-long internship into a full time position. I now work as a digital marketing specialist focused on customer marketing for ServiceMax – From GE Digital. In my role, I strive to help our customers build on their success by providing tools and programs that enhance and develop their networking and learning opportunities within ServiceMax.

Although I’m very happy where I am now, I’m using this time to learn and figure out what areas of marketing and what industries I’m truly passionate about. Wherever I end up, I’m confident that the knowledge and experiences I gained from Whittier College will help me, and stay with me, through all my future endeavors.

Thank you Pedrozzi Foundation for your role my college experience!

-August 2017

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