Like many others, I am working from home, and am grateful that the Mario Geranium could come home with me as our focus at the Pedrozzi Foundation turns to mission critical activities.

We are making sure our Pedrozzi Scholars have the resources they need to navigate distance-learning and telling them not to worry about future scholarship disbursements. As our scholars have needed to adapt to their new education environments, we will adapt our processes and requirements. We are also making sure our Pedrozzi Young Scholar families have the tools required for distance-learning (equipment and internet connections) and information about food distributions and community resources.

Our 2020 scholarship selection process easily continues as most of it is done remotely, and our board and committee meetings will be virtual as required.

We will be hosting a Virtual Scholarship Recipient Recognition Event in May so that we can properly express our pride in our 2020 Pedrozzi Scholars and Pedrozzi Young Scholars.

Our goal is to minimize stress for our hard-working staff, board and volunteers, understanding that supporting their family and friends takes priority during this trying and stressful time. We have shared information about online mental health resources with our stakeholders as well.

It is heartwarming to watch our local and extended community coming together to solve problems, brainstorm ideas for new working conditions, and support each other. Personally, I am grateful for this opportunity to grow as a leader and focus on my role in supporting the Pedrozzi Community – a community created when Mario Pedrozzi left his estate to establish the Foundation. Mario’s generous gift is now a Livermore community asset. When the coronavirus pandemic ends, I am optimistic that we will also view the empathy of the Livermore community as one of our city’s greatest assets.

Keep your social distance – but continue to grow.

March 20, 2020
By Carolyn Siegfried, Executive Director, Pedrozzi Foundation

The Mario Geranium was a gift from Eric Uranga, Assistant Community Development Director at the City of Livermore. Eric nurtured a geranium clipping from Mario Pedrozzi’s prized garden which grew to huge geranium in Eric’s yard. Mario’s home, garden and other adjacent property he owned are now the site of the Chestnut Square Intergenerational Housing development in Livermore. Eric presented the Foundation with the Mario Geranium during the grand opening ceremony for the Chestnut Square Senior Housing on February 27, 2020.

L to R: Tom Felter (Board Member), Maggie Tufts (PYS Program Manager), Carolyn Siegfried (Executive Director), Eric Uranga (City of Livermore Assistant Community Development Director) , Sharon Draggoo (Board Member)