Jay and Mary Davis, longtime Pedrozzi donors, were the first to fund named scholarships at the Pedrozzi Foundation. They recently encouraged other Pedrozzi supporters to follow their lead and increase their giving in support of Livermore students.

December 2022

Dear Pedrozzi Scholarship Supporter:

Mary and I have an idea we wish to share with you.  We began funding named scholarships in 2015, allowing our children Kathy and Rob to select the names of favorite teachers from their Livermore school experiences. That original pair of named scholarships has grown to a portfolio of six, four that we fund ourselves and two that we jointly funded with the Kubiaks, Pontaus, and Stulens in honor of our collaborator and friend Walter Bauer.

John Sensiba, Chair of the Board of the Three Valleys Community Foundation, recently spoke at the Rotary Club of Livermore and pointed out that Foundations are reluctant to ask for support for their indirect costs but that such support is important.  We have decided to add 20% to our donation to Pedrozzi this year.  That unrestricted money may allow the Foundation to explore new ideas, partially support a new staff member, or simply pay part of other indirect costs, freeing more income for scholarships.  We encourage you to do so as well.  As funders of scholarships, we feel it appropriate to support the Foundation as well as scholarships themselves as it has been wonderfully creative in creating new programs.   Pedrozzi has been a splendid steward of our donations and of the futures of hundreds of young people from this city.  We feel that additional support for the institution from those of us who have committed to named scholarships would be well deserved.  We encourage you to take this step with us.

Jay and Mary Davis