This summer, Lisette Rocha worked in the Pedrozzi Foundation office as the temporary Administrative Assistant. Lisette joined the Pedrozzi Foundation staff after her graduation from UC Davis in June. Lisette earned a Bachelor of Science in Managerial Economics. She also minored in Spanish. Lisette has previously volunteered with the Pedrozzi Young Scholar program, sharing her high school and college experiences and encouraging middle school students enrolled in the program.

Reflecting on her time at UC Davis, Lisette shared:

“In four short years from graduating from Granada High to graduating college, I have definitely changed a great amount. The four years I spent at Davis helped me grow both professionally and personally. Going to UC Davis has been the best decision I have made thus far, it helped me become a better version of myself. You do equally the amount of learning in lecture halls as you do outside of them and I am extremely grateful I was able to go through that experience. Of course there were difficulties but the benefits certainly outweigh the costs. I encourage high school students to put themselves out there and take the opportunities presented to them because you never know where just one decision can take you and how it can impact your life.”

Thinking about her summer working at the Pedrozzi Foundation, Lisette commented:

“There are several things I will take away from working at Pedrozzi. The Pedrozzi Foundation has helped me immensely throughout high school and college. Working to distribute the scholarships of the current scholars was incredibly fulfilling. I am grateful I was given the opportunity this summer and I am looking forward to being able to help more in the future.”

Lisette shared about her experiences getting to know the Pedrozzi Foundation Board Members:

“Sharing time with the board members and witnessing how they dedicate themselves to help the Pedrozzi Scholars and give back to the Livermore community was invaluable. I hope people think of these generous and good-natured individuals when they think of the Pedrozzi Foundation because that is what the Foundation means to me.”

Thinking back on being awarded a Pedrozzi Scholarship, Lisette reflected:

“Receiving the Pedrozzi Scholarship was a huge honor. Not only was a financial burden being lifted but it meant I had a community that believed in me and my goals. As a first-generation college student there are several barriers one has to conquer to get where we want to be and receive equal opportunities as others, the Pedrozzi Foundation helps break these barriers for first-gen students and supports us in our career goals. Thanks to the Pedrozzi Foundation for investing in my future and helping me achieve my first career goal of graduating from UC Davis. I am excited to see where the future takes me and what I accomplish in my career.

We are certainly excited to follow Lisette as she moves into the next phase of her future. We know she will be successful in her endeavors!