Kelsey Girardelli, 2016 Pedrozzi Scholar, has always worked hard to achieve goals for herself. During her time at Granada High School, Kelsey had her sights on achieving a top-six spot at the cross country North Coast Section Championship. Despite setbacks, Kelsey achieved this goal. Kelsey describes, “Through endurance, consistency and teamwork, I was privileged to stand with three of my teammates as we took our places in the top six that day.”

Kelsey has since graduated from Utah State University. While many others would be content with heading into the workforce after receiving a bachelor’s degree, Kelsey wanted to continue her academic career. Kelsey shares with the Pedrozzi Foundation and its supporters:

I am pleased to announce that I was just recently accepted to the Physician Assistant program at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana. I am so glad for this opportunity and am excited for the challenges that lie ahead. Thank you so much for the assistance you provided during my undergraduate years. I hope someday I can return what you all have given me so that someone else can experience the relief from the financial burden that I enjoyed in those years. 

The Pedrozzi Foundation wishes Kelsey success on the next part of her academic journey!