Kathy Coyle continues to live out the tradition of giving exemplified by her father William Scott, whether it be in her role as Pedrozzi Foundation President, incoming Rotary Club President, or her many other community-serving positions. She reflects on the impact her father had on his community and her understanding of legacy, honored with the William Scott Community College Scholarship:

“Mario Pedrozzi represents my parents’ generation. Both my parents were active in our community, contributing time and energy for the most part, and money when they could. They came of age during the Great Depression and World War II. They worked hard to make the world a better place to raise their children.

Growing up in a very small town meant that most things were accomplished by volunteers and the generosity of the community. My Dad was known to be a touchstone for young men who were struggling to find their places in life. He was a mentor and coach to innumerable young people, including me and my four sisters. He had incredible wisdom and thoughtfulness. He did not have a university degree but he was a strong advocate for post high school education – of any kind! When he died, he left me a legacy to pay forward in my own way. Supporting community college students with this scholarship is a reflection of who he was and I know he would be proud of the students who have been our recipients.”