Encouragement and support from an exceptional high school counselor and a career expo, at Granada High School, lead Karen Morgan, 2016 Principal Nomination Scholar, to pursue her educational and career goals through an alternative college path at Golden State College of Court Reporting and Captioning. “This intensive 3 to 5-year program will prepare me for a successful and financially rewarding career in court reporting,” states Karen.

Karen shares, “My advice to struggling students is to talk to their counselors and teachers because they will always support them. The GHS counselors and teachers were truly wonderful, and I am grateful to them for their support and advice.”

Karen did have her share of struggles in high school. During her sophomore year, personal issues prevented Karen from going to school. She says, “At the time, I wanted to give up on school and on graduating. But my counselor gave me the encouragement to go back the next year. I turned it all around by coming to school every day. I did extremely well – better than ever before!”

Karen credits school counselors and teachers with always providing good advice. Karen suggests that students need to take the first step by asking for help and then take advantage of the resources the school offers. She appreciated that the school staff truly cared about her.  “That was the best part,” says Karen.

Karen’s hobbies outside of school include writing, running, and doing creative art projects. “After graduation, I will strive to learn more as I always want a challenge,” says Karen.