A student’s first year in college can be a big transition for them as they strive to find their place on campus. Josh Ledbetter, a 2015 Scholar, discusses his first year at UCLA:

I have been staying busy during my freshman year at UCLA. I have gotten involved in Greek Life, club swimming, and a club called Mentorship in which undergrads are paired with a low income youth (our “mentees”) for winter and spring. There is a huge array of classes to take and I have enjoyed just about all of my GEs from Never Ending Stories: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Myth and Linguistics to Natural Disasters. I have learned so much this year and cannot wait to continue exploring LA and all the opportunities college has to offer.

This scholarship will help me in pursuing my long term interests in law and business throughout my college undergraduate years. It will also serve as a reminder while away of those who believe in me back home in Livermore. Thank you to everyone involved with the Pedrozzi Foundation for the support!