In Partnership with ABC NorCal, the Pedrozzi Foundation awarded its first Apprenticeship Tool Scholarship this year to Jorge Gonzalez. Beginning as a residential electrician, Jorge learned basic skills including how to run wire and install receptacles, switches, and lighting. Although he learned these skills he never understood the work he was doing in depth. After moving to work on more commercial projects, Jorge discovered a company which would allow him to grow the depth of his knowledge and become a more well-rounded electrician. He also discovered the possibility to learn more through the ABC NorCal apprentice program:

Early on in my employment with Helix I was informed that there was opportunity of becoming an apprentice. Once I became aware, I made it my goal to become indentured and sure enough after 4 relentless attempts I passed the entry exam. I chose to enroll in this program to be the man on the job with the answers, to become self-sufficient as possible, to learn what I need to help run work for my company, to become invaluable. The motto for ABC is love what you build and thankfully I love what I do.

The Apprenticeship Tool Scholarship, this year funded by John Houghton (with Jorge below), will be beneficial to Jorge as he continues to grow in his craft and becomes more skilled as an electrician:

In the electrical field every task requires a different tool. It’s highly recommended to purchase a new tool every week, whether it be a power tool or hand tool, somewhere down the line it’s going to be needed. Along with tools, while on the job you want to be properly equipped with the right attire, from boots to a pair of sturdy work pants. Outside the job site we’re in school for week at a time throughout the year and are assigned certain textbooks, which are suggested for purchase, for notes, studying at home, and as a study reference down the line when it comes time to take the Journeyman’s test. This scholarship is going to help me become prepared for many occasions, and for that I’m thankful.