Hear from 2012 Pedrozzi Scholar, Dr. John Bowers, as he shares his experience as a Pedrozzi Scholar and how he is giving back to his community now. “Community is the greatest asset of all, and the Pedrozzi Foundation is a big part of the Livermore community. When I graduated from Livermore High School, the Pedrozzi Foundation stepped in to support my college aspirations. In part thanks to them, I earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from UC Berkeley, then immediately enrolled in a prestigious condensed matter physics Ph.D. program at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Two degrees and ten years later, I’m back in Livermore teaching physics to a whole new generation at Livermore High. Building a new physics curriculum at my alma mater has been a privilege and a joy. As I learn from my students and build their scientific proficiency, I cannot help but wonder how many of them will go on to be Pedrozzi Scholars, businesspeople, scientists, and tradespeople. I hope that I can contribute to their success as much as our community contributed to mine.”