Jessica LenidaJessica Lenida, 2015 Livermore High School alum and Pedrozzi Scholar has a passion for volunteering.  Joining the Rotary Interact Club, at LHS her freshman year, exposed Jessica to wonderful, like-minded friends all wanting to do their part to “help change the world” through volunteerism.

“Getting involved with the Interact Club changed my life”, recalls Jessica. She explained that the Interact Club is for students who want to work together to help with important issues both in their community and internationally.

The Interact Club introduced Jessica to new friends who all wanted to “make a difference” by volunteering not only in the Livermore community, but also in the greater Bay Area, and even helping children in need around the world. Great friendships and the desire to take on a more active role to help others inspired Jessica to eventually become the President of LHS’s Interact Club.

Attending Las Positas College was the right choice for Jessica as she considers options for her longer-term college and career goals. “I just love going to LPC”, says an enthusiastic Jessica.  She explained that going to college locally allows her the opportunity to study various subjects, to work part time, and to continue to spend time with her friends and family.

As she continues her college journey Jessica’s ongoing desire to help others is evident.  “I look forward to volunteering more in the future”, she professes. Jessica’s altruistic nature continues to inspire those around her to volunteer and to make a difference in the world.