davis-donorsJay and Mary Davis, long-time Livermore residents, are delighted to be the inaugural donors to establish two Named Scholarships through the Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation. Jay and Mary say, “It was time for us to become active supporters of education in Livermore and Livermore students. With our children’s encouragement and guidance (Kathy – LHS ’83 and Rob – LHS ’87), we decided to fund two scholarships in honor of the teachers who inspired them.”

The Davis family has named the two scholarships in honor of retired Livermore teachers Nelson Fong, from Livermore High School, and George Kerr, from Portola Elementary School.

The 4-year Nelson Fong and George Kerr Undergraduate Scholarships were awarded to 2015 Pedrozzi Scholars Katelyn Pickett and Kevin Patel, respectively.

We are grateful for Jay and Mary’s generosity and hope it will inspire others to join the Davis family in establishing Named Scholarships in honor of someone who made a positive impact in their lives.

Learn how to create your own scholarship and see the full list of scholarships Jay and Mary have funded.