$1,000 in scholarship support reduces the probability of a first-year, low-income student dropping out by 23%.¹

Since 2008, the Pedrozzi Foundation has contributed to lasting positive impact in our community through a broad range of scholarship awards and educational resources. However, our students are facing more challenges than ever. We are grateful for the generous donations from our community, so we may continue to expand our services by offering additional programs to meet these challenges. Because of your support, many of the following resources and activities are available to our students as they pursue their educational and career goals.

Since 2008, the Foundation has touched many lives …

Total Scholarships Awarded


Total number of
scholarship recipients


Students who receive grants and scholarships are more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree than otherwise similar students.²

Pedrozzi Scholars Attend

10 of the 10 UC campuses

16 of the 23 CSU campuses

200+ other colleges & universities

11 technical/vocational programs

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for this scholarship. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you all go through to put this scholarship together, and it will greatly aid me in my future. I work a minimum wage job, so this scholarship means 400 hours of work saved for me; really, thank you so much.”

—Jeffrey Seidl

Pedrozzi Scholars Attend


California Community Colleges


of Pedrozzi Scholars

Are the first in their family to attend college

“After two years of chemistry, anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and many sleepless nights, I was accepted into the nursing program at Cal State East Bay. The Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation gave me the boost and ‘I can do it’ mentality to get me this far. Thank you so much for all the support!”

—Eva Rios
Cal State East Bay,
First-Generation College Student

¹The U.S. General Accounting Office (1995)
²Public Policy Institute of California (2014)