The February 26th edition of The Independent praised Mario Pedrozzi’s Gift of Education:

“Mario Pedrozzi, a Swiss immigrant who from humble beginnings achieved financial success, gave the Livermore community a wonderful gift. Upon his death, he left almost all of his assets to the community to establish the Mario Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation.

The Foundation website notes that he envisioned that his wealth could provide a means for students of all ages to achieve their educational and career goals. His objective was to promote higher education for a wide range of students who demonstrate desire, potential and promise for the future.

Over the last ten years, the Foundation has awarded $3.6 million in scholarships to 1000 Livermore graduates.

In addition to awarding scholarships, the foundation provides other benefits, such as funding PSAT testing for all sophomores.

Pedrozzi recognized the importance of education. His gift of learning benefits not just the students, but the entire community. What a wonderful legacy.”

Editorial, The Independent – 2/26/18