2023 Update: “What a year! For my first year in Berkeley, I’ve taken some challenging courses, tried learning a new language, finished my GE, decided on my majors, made great friends and literally became the Vice President of Capital and Finance for the Berkeley Student Cooperative now celebrating our 90th anniversary and the largest Cooperative in the US! I managed to learn so much and gain professional experience while taking the lead in managing our operating budget of 13.5 million dollars. I think most college freshman can’t really say they’ve had to learn how to manage a 13 million dollar budget to provide affordable housing to college students. It has been an incredible time. And my college education has opened so many doors for me. I’m so proud of myself, despite how difficult these challenges are, I’m proud of myself for always challenging myself and always showing up for something new. I knew I wanted to attend university since I was very young, but I had no idea all the things I would be able to accomplish on my journey here and during my time here. Thank you Pedrozzi Foundation for supporting me!

2024 Update: “I completed my second year at UC Berkeley by successfully applying and studying abroad in Japan for Spring 2024. This opportunity has opened so many new opportunities for me internationally, improved my Japanese language skills (which I only began studying my freshman year of college) and shown me various perspectives outside my comfort zone. It truly is a very different experience to go abroad, experience culture and diversity in a different social and cultural context and learn to adapt, while also recognizing your resilience in this journey. I’m so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you Pedrozzi scholarship!”

Congratulations, Evelyn! We are excited to see what you will accomplish next!