By including the Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation in your will or estate plan, you make an investment in Livermore students and our community. Our community is strengthened when students receive the education and training needed to pursue fulfilling careers.

Sample Estate Planning Language: The Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization (federal tax identification #20-1025764.) The following language is suggested for use in a will in making a bequest: “I give (the sum of $xx dollars) (all or xx percent of the residuary of my estate) to the Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation, 1141 Catalina Drive, #170, Livermore, California 94550, for its general purposes.” To make certain that your exact intentions are carried out, wills and estate plans should be prepared by or with the advice of an attorney or estate planning professional.

You may leave an unrestricted gift or endow a scholarship through your legacy giving. A minimum giving level is required to endow a permanent scholarship and includes the option to establish preferred eligibility criteria, such a field of study, in addition to naming the scholarship after yourself or someone you wish to honor, perhaps someone who has positively impacted your life such as a special teacher, mentor or family member.

If you have named the Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation as a beneficiary in your will or trust, we would like to acknowledge your thoughtful gift and vision. Please let us know that you have named the Foundation in your estate plan so we can recognize your philanthropic leadership and keep you informed of how the community’s generosity is changing the lives of Livermore students.

Valuable Community Resource
The Pedrozzi Foundation is the go-to resource for managing endowed scholarships. This valuable service allows individuals and organizations to effortlessly establish scholarships for Livermore students in honor of family, colleagues, and inspirational leaders. These scholarships may be funded individually or others can be invited to contribute to the scholarship fund. The Pedrozzi Foundation’s experienced staff manages all the logistics; no fees are charged for this service.

To discuss your planned giving goals, please contact
Carolyn Siegfried, Executive Director

“Supporting students now, through smaller annual gifts, and into the future through endowed scholarships brings me great satisfaction. I am pleasantly surprised at how much fun and personally rewarding it has been to establish these scholarships. Expanding the legacy that Mario Pedrozzi left our community just feels right.”

—John W. Houghton, Jr.


Planned Legacy Gifts


John W. Houghton, Jr.

John W. Houghton, Jr. Endowed STEM Scholarship Fund

Planned gift to endow multiple legacy scholarships