“It was time for us to become active supporters of education in Livermore and Livermore students. With our children’s encouragement and guidance (Kathy – LHS ’83 and Rob – LHS ’87), we decided to fund two scholarships in honor of the teachers who inspired them.”

—Jay and Mary Davis

Sponsor an Annual Scholarship

Invest in a local student by funding an annual scholarship with a gift of $1000. Every community sponsored scholarship allows an additional Livermore student to become a Pedrozzi Scholar. You will be recognized as an Annual Scholarship Sponsor and will know that your gift is helping a student reach his or her potential.

Fund and Name a Scholarship

Students can plan wisely when they receive a multi-year scholarship. You will have the opportunity to name a scholarship after yourself or someone you wish to honor when you fund a two- or four-year scholarship. Perhaps you would like to honor someone who has positively impacted your life such as a special teacher, mentor or family member. You may choose to direct your scholarship toward a vocational, community college, undergraduate or graduate recipient and will learn which scholar will benefit from your generous gift. You will be recognized as a Named Scholarship Donor.

Endow and Name a Scholarship

Through a sizable investment, you may endow a scholarship in perpetuity. You have the opportunity to name your scholarship after yourself or someone you wish to honor and can designate specific courses of study and/or other eligibility criteria. You may choose to direct your endowed scholarship toward vocational, community college, undergraduate or graduate recipients and will learn which scholars will benefit from your generous gift. You will be recognized as a philanthropic leader and an Endowed Scholarship Donor.

To further discuss your philanthropic goals, please contact Carolyn Siegfried, Executive Director at 925- 456-3700 or csiegfried@Pedrozzi.org.


“We chose to direct our annual donation to the foundation to fund two scholarships named in honor of Paula Orrell and Beth Trutner.  During the Foundation’s early years, Paula and Beth successfully led the board as it determined how to effectively implement Mario Pedrozzi’s wishes to support local students.  They also had the foresight to realize that the Foundation provided an excellent opportunity for other community members to join Mario in supporting local students.”

—Howard and Elaine Storms

Donor Funded Scholarships

Planned Legacy Gifts

John W. Houghton, Jr. Endowed STEM Scholarship Fund

John W. Houghton, Jr. – Planned gift to endow multiple STEM scholarships

Promise Scholarship Fund

Anonymous Community Member – Planned gift to fund multiple legacy scholarships

Endowed Scholarships

Charles Amirkhanian Music Scholarship

Anonymous Community Members – Endowed scholarship to annually award $5,000 to recipient pursuing a graduate or undergraduate degree in music

Pedrozzi Continuous Achievement Scholarship

Bryan Balazs and Lori Souza – Endowed scholarship to annually support multiple students as they progress through community college

Kim Cupps Memorial STEM Scholarship

Gina Bonanno and family, friend and colleagues of Kim Cupps – Endowed scholarship to annually award $5,000 to recipient pursuing a degree in a STEM field

Anonymous Community Member

  • Promise Undergraduate Scholarships
    • Brandon Self – 2016 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Diamond Wesley – 2016 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Jordan Goodwin – 2019 Pedrozzi Scholar

Anonymous Community Members

  • Charles Amirkhanian Music Scholarship
    • Austin West – 2017 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Chelsea Warner – 2018 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • David Davisson – 2019 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Morgan Rogge – 2020 Pedrozzi Scholar

Bryan Balazs and Lori Souza

  • Pedrozzi Continuous Achievement Scholarship
    • Katherine Cama Dias – 2017 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Suzanne Montgomery – 2018 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Laura Rambo – 2018 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Abdul Karim – 2019 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Christopher Sanchez – 2019 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Aaron Specht – 2019 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Bonnie King – 2020 Pedrozzi Scholar

Gina Bonanno and Friends, Family & Colleagues of Kim Cupps

  • Kim Cupps Memorial STEM Scholarship
  • Laurie Liu – 2020 Pedrozzi Scholars

Alan and Mary Burnham

  • Francis Burnham Vocational Scholarship
    • Chidinma Ortiz – 2018 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Kayla Campbell – 2019 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Jimmy Rodriguez – 2020 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Jesse Rollins – 2020 Pedrozzi Scholar

Dave and Laurie Christeson

  • David F. Christeson Class of 2005 Memorial Scholarship
    • Jodi Bryant – 2019 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Jesse Watson – 2020 Pedrozzi Scholar

Kathy Coyle

  • William Scott Community College Scholarship
    • Atziry Trujillo – 2017 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Willow Ayres – 2018 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Madeline Lovdahl – 2019 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Karra Wilcox – 2020 Pedrozzi Scholar

Jay and Mary Davis

  • John D. Anderson Undergraduate Scholarship
    • Maile Sasaki – 2018 Pedrozzi Scholar
  • Nelson Fong Undergraduate Scholarship
    • Katelyn Pickett – 2015 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Avni Vacchani – 2020 Pedrozzi Scholar
  • George Kerr Undergraduate Scholarship
    • Kevin Patel -2015 Pedrozzi Scholar
  • Jack Girabaldi Tool Scholarship
    • Giovanni Cruz – 2019 Pedrozzi Scholar

Jay Davis, Glenn Kubiak, Art Pontau, Rick Stulen

  • Walter Bauer Undergraduate Scholarships
    • Taylor Lawsen – 2016 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Harry Yee – 2016 Pedrozzi Scholar

Donna and Art Pontau

Rotarian Foundation of Livermore

  • Bill Geyer Memorial Scholarship
    • Sara Morris – 2020 Pedrozzi Scholar

John W. Houghton, Jr.

  • John W. Houghton Undergraduate STEM Scholarship
    • Anchal Sinha– 2017 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Megan Johnston – 2018 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Rachel Sylwester – 2018 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Joshua Lyons – 2019 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Austin Weinshelbaum – 2020 Pedrozzi Scholar
  • ABC NorCal Apprenticeship Tool Scholarship
    • Jorge Gonzalez – 2018 Pedrozzi Scholar
  • Elaine and Jerry Prohaska Undergraduate Scholarship
    • Sierra Solorio – 2019 Pedrozzi Scholar

Miriam “Mim” John

  • Walter Bauer Undergraduate Scholarship
    • Emily Hawkins – 2017 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • John Bennett – 2018 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Colleen McCandless – 2019 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Jiajun He – 2020 Pedrozzi Scholar

Gary Johnson

  • Gary Johnson Community College Scholarship
    • Kyle Parsons – 2017 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Candace Rho – 2018 Pedrozzi Scholar

Carol Perry

  • Persistence Scholarship
    • Jared Brandley – 2016 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Martin Vega-Martinez – 2016 Pedrozzi Scholar

Elaine Prohaska

  • Elaine and Jerry Prohaska STEM Scholarship
    • Melia Miller – 2018 Pedrozzi Scholar

Mony Nop and the Rising Young Leaders Foundation

  • Rising Young Leader Scholarship
    • Tahoora Nazar – 2019 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Blanca Lopez Alas – 2020 Pedrozzi Scholar

Rotary Club of Livermore

  • Ed Rundstrom Vocational Scholarship
    • Sadie Eldredge – 2017 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Austin Carte – 2016 Pedrozzi Scholar
  • John Shirley Undergraduate Scholarship
    • Shelby Rocereto – 2018 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Allison Jamison – 2020 Pedrozzi Scholar
  • Leo Croce Undergraduate Scholarship
    • Rachel Roter – 2018 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Christopher Miller – 2020 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Phoebe Omweg – 2020 Pedrozzi Scholar
  • Croce-Shirley Scholarship
    • Devon Maheshwari – 2019 Pedrozzi Scholar

Nancy Stoyer

  • Ernest Hannink Undergraduate Scholarship
    • Alexandria Clifton – 2016 Pedrozzi Scholar
  • Verla Hannink Undergraduate Scholarship
    • Katherine Johnson – 2016 Pedrozzi Scholar

Howard and Elaine Storms

  • Gene Hale Undergraduate Scholarship
    • Elijah Kane – 2017 Pedrozzi Scholar
  • Paula Orrell Undergraduate Scholarship
    • Ajan Lorenz Adriano – 2016 Pedrozzi Scholar
  • Elizabeth Trutner Undergraduate Scholarship
    • Kyle Tadokoro – 2016 Pedrozzi Scholar
    • Aidan Ackerman – 2019 Pedrozzi Scholar