Bryan Balazs and Lori SouzaWe love being a part of the Livermore community, and this connection means much more than simply residing here. We strongly believe that our commitment to the community is strengthened through our involvement with the many wonderful civic, educational, and cultural organizations that Livermore has to offer. Through working with these organizations, we have a chance to support our community and to feel a part of its success as it blossoms into an attractive and nurturing place for our families and friends.

We believe that an opportunity for advanced education is one of the strongest factors for the vitality of a community and its citizens. Increasingly, education and training after high school is necessary for citizens to prosper, with the result that their community prospers as well. We’re passionate about the Pedrozzi Foundation because it provides so many students the means to overcome obstacles that they may face in the pursuit of their educational and career aspirations, and it’s an inspiration to us to share in their success.

One of the important things we’ve learned from the work of the Pedrozzi Foundation is that community college students often struggle to complete their educational goals to earn a degree or complete their certificate or transfer program. We wanted to help students address this challenge, and we created the Pedrozzi Continuous Achievement Scholarship to further help Pedrozzi Scholars towards the completion of their community college goals. We wanted this endowment to provide additional resources where we believed it to be most needed.