Austin is a 2020 graduate of Livermore High School and recipient of the John W. Houghton, Jr. Undergraduate STEM Scholarship. He is now entering his third year at the University of California, San Diego, where he studies aerospace engineering. In addition to his classes, he is also on the men’s club lacrosse team and is part of the Design, Build, Fly Club on campus. Here is an update from Austin:

“Well, that year sure went fast! I cannot believe I have now finished two years of college, albeit still in the time of COVID and its restrictions. This year, I dormed on campus with an RA who was also on my lacrosse team. It was only the two of us so it was a great setup. Lacrosse was in full swing this year, and we were able to have a full season of games and tournaments. For the first time in the program’s history, we qualified for the national tournament and traveled to Texas to play! We lost in our first round, but we are already getting ready to go back next year. Additionally, I am still in Design, Build, Fly at UCSD, and we sent our plane to competition this year. Unfortunately, high winds in Wichita crashed our plane. Better luck next year!

Regarding academics, I finished up most of my G.E.s this year which means I get to finally start in more upper division aerospace courses next year! Very much looking forward to that. This year though, I’d say my favorite courses were all physics related, dealing with higher level equilibrium problems and dynamics of materials. Overall, I finished the year with a 3.9 GPA; super happy with that and my mom agrees!

I cannot say it enough, but I am just as grateful as last year to have the opportunity to attend college to study what I am passionate about. Your scholarship has been such a blessing, and I cannot thank you and the Pedrozzi board enough for choosing to sponsor me in my college journey.”

Austin hopes to work an internship at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory at some point soon, so that he can pursue his interests in his local community. It definitely seems as though he is on track to do just that! Way to go, Austin!