The Pedrozzi Foundation is expanding its support of students pursuing career training through a strategic partnership with ABC NorCal, Associated Builders and Contractor, Northern California Chapter, by offering tool scholarships to participants in ABC’s Apprenticeship Training Program.


  • Graduate of a Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District High School (LVJUSD)
  • Acceptance into an ABC NorCal apprenticeship program
  • No minimum high school GPA required

Available Scholarships

Two levels of scholarships will be awarded based on the cost of equipment required.  Scholarship recipients in the carpentry, electrical, and plumbing trades will receive a 2-year scholarship for a total of $2,000.  Recipients in the painting and labor trades will receive a 1-year scholarship for a total of $1,000.

Scholarship Application Process

  • Complete and submit an online ABC NorCal Apprenticeship Tool Scholarship application.
  • Submit your transcript from a LVJUSD high school within 2 weeks of submitting a tool scholarship application.
  • Pedrozzi Foundation will notify applicants if they have or have not been awarded a scholarship.

Transcript Submittal

Your official transcript must be received within 2 weeks of your scholarship application submission date. Your official transcript may be submitted electronically or by mail.

Electronic Submission – RECOMMENDED METHOD:

  • Using the LVJUSD official transcript service from Parchment, request that your transcript be emailed to
  • Click here to request your transcript.
  • Transcripts from your personal email WILL NOT be accepted.


  • Request that your official transcript (with seal and signature and in a sealed envelope) be sent to:

Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation
1141 Catalina Drive, #170
Livermore, CA 94550

  • Current high school students – view your high school website for instructions to request an official hard copy of your transcript.
  • LVJUSD alumni – Read instructions here for requesting a hard copy of your transcript.

Personal References

  • Two personal references are required as part of the application.
    If you are a current student, one must be a teacher, counselor, administrator, staff or coach from your school.
  • Each reference must have an email address.
  • Do not use any close relatives or friends as references.
  • Reference questionnaires must be submitted within 1 week of your application being submitted.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to make sure that your reference has received, completed and returned the reference questionnaire to the Foundation.

DO NOT list someone as a reference unless you are sure that he/she will complete the Reference Questionnaire. References who do not respond will negatively affect your overall ranking for a scholarship award, but will not disqualify you.

DO NOT call the Pedrozzi Scholarship office to inquire about the status of the Reference Questionnaires. Instead, you will be able to check the status of your Reference Questionnaires at any time by logging into your Pedrozzi account and viewing the status of “Third Party Responses” on your home page. For further details, you can click “Edit Application” or “View Application” and scroll to the “Reference” section of your application.

Click here for further instructions for verifying reference status

NOTE: Verify you have provided the correct email address. School district and business email addresses are often protected with anti-spam software, resulting in the Reference Questionnaire emails not being received. Make sure your references check their spam/junk folders or else they might not complete the Questionnaire. The emails will show as from “Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation” with an email address of “”.

Scholarship Disbursement

If a tool scholarship is awarded, $500 will be dispersed to the apprentice upon selection and acceptance into one of the five ABC NorCal programs.  For all scholarships, an additional, $500 will be dispersed to the students upon confirmation that the students have successfully completed their probationary period.  For students with 2-year scholarships, the final $1,000 will be dispersed to the students upon confirmation that the student has successfully completed their first year.  Scholarship recipients will request that ABC NorCal sends confirmation of program progress to the Pedrozzi Foundation.

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