Mario Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation Scholarships

Scholarships will be awarded to students to acknowledge past achievements and recognize future potential.

The scholarships will make a difference to the scholarship recipients’ educational journeys. In the future, recipients envision themselves using their education to positively impact others.

Acknowledge his past achievements:

  • The scholar maximizes academic opportunities.
  • The scholar participates in meaningful involvements outside of school.
  • The scholar demonstrates leadership.

Recognizes future potential:

  • The scholar exhibit self-awareness and a growth mindset.
  • The scholar plans for college and/or their career.
  • The scholar demonstrates resilience to overcome challenges.

Makes a difference directly:

  • The scholar faces barriers to education or training, and a scholarship will make a difference.

Helps the student impact others:

  • The scholar envisions themselves, or has already begun, helping others and/or paying it forward, creating a ripple effect in their community.