Miriam “Mim” John, retired Vice-President Sandia California, annually funds 4-year undergraduate scholarship in memory of former Sandia employee Walter Bauer. The Walter Bauer Scholarship recipients are selected annually from among the Pedrozzi Scholarship applicants.

Walter Bauer with his granddaughter. He passed away in 2009.

“I was thrilled to learn that some of my former Sandia colleagues had established scholarships through the Pedrozzi Foundation in Walter Bauer’s honor. Walter, like Mario Pedrozzi, was an inspirational example of what an immigrant with drive and opportunity can accomplish. By providing these “scholar-athlete” scholarships to local youth, we are helping catalyze a bright future for them – and in the long run, for our community,” shares Mim.

“The Foundation is grateful for Mim’s generous donation to fund this scholarship. The generosity of Livermore community members continues to increase the Foundation’s impact and allows more students to know that their community is invested in their future,” says Carolyn Siegfried, Pedrozzi Foundation Executive Director.

Past Recipients

Emily Hawkins – 2017 Pedrozzi Scholar
John Bennett – 2018 Pedrozzi Scholar
Colleen McCandless – 2019 Pedrozzi Scholar
Jiajun He – 2020 Pedrozzi Scholar
Viviana Valenton – 2021 Pedrozzi Scholar
Makayla Winchell – 2022 Pedrozzi Scholar