2019 Pedrozzi Scholars

The Pedrozzi Foundation provides college and vocational scholarships and resources to Livermore students. We believe that all students deserve the chance to pursue their educational and career goals and that the lack of finances or information should not be a barrier. Every day we create an impact by helping our students achieve their dreams.


We encourage and support Livermore students in their pursuit of education and training.


Livermore students will have sufficient funding and information to pursue the education and training required for their future careers. We will achieve this vision through continuous engagement with the Livermore community as a leading provider of scholarships, information and other educational resources.


We value the support, advocacy, and personal involvement of all members of our diverse community.

We believe that all students can succeed and that the lack of resources to pursue education and training should not be an obstacle to that end.

We are committed to managing the Foundation’s assets in a transparent and fiscally responsible manner that is consistent with our mission.

We believe that education leads to a more prosperous and productive populace and thus strengthens communities.

We believe that it is essential to remain responsive to the needs and desires of the students and community we serve in an unbiased, respectful, and prudent manner.


National College Attainment Network
National Scholarship Providers Association
Exponent Philanthropy
Innovation Tri-Valley
Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance