Part of a college experience is developing your
own interest and involvement in the surrounding community. 2014 Pedrozzi Scholar, Sara Novell, talks about just how she achieved that:

“I have been on the Construction Team on the Cal Poly SLO Rose Float team for two years, and now am the Construction Chair. I lead a team of 13 of my peers and connect with the Cal Poly Pomona team frequently to build our float. Our school is the only school that builds a float for the internationally televised Rose Float Parade on New Years’ Day. Because of my position on the team, I will actually be inside the float this year, operating it! This leadership experience helped me get a job at the Cal Poly Machine Shops, where I teach students of all majors how to use machines such as mills, lathes, saws, drill presses, etc, safely so they can build their projects or just learn. All of my experiences have led up to working at Imerys (World Minerals) in Lompoc, as a mechanical engineering intern, last summer. ”