Inline imageEva Rios’s journey through college has become an inspiration for her siblings, who now see higher education as a possibility. As the first person in her family to attend college, Eva Rios became a mentor, inspiration and role-model for her older and younger siblings. This 2011 Pedrozzi Scholar put herself through Cal State East Bay, financing her education with scholarships, state and federal financial aid, student loans and her own income. Living at home, Eva commuted to Cal State East Bay and worked while earning a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

Currently, Eva works as a Registered Nurse for the SDU (step down unit), a critical care floor, at Highland Hospital.

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“It was a tremendous weight off of my shoulders to know I could count on my Pedrozzi scholarship for assistance,” shares Eva. “The Foundation gave me the boost of confidence and can-do mentality to not back out of my dream.” Even though her family considered attending college to be an unrealistic goal, Eva confidently pursued her dream, and is proud that her siblings now know that graduating from college is a realistic and achievable goal.

At the annual recognition event, Eva told the 2014 Pedrozzi Scholars, “Work hard and remember that your local community believes in your future success.”