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Maryann Gong – 2013 Pedrozzi Scholar

Maryann Gong, a 2013 Pedrozzi Scholar, has excelled as a student-athlete. The All-American runner at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has received numerous athletic accolades and is now completing her master's degree in computer science, exploring the interaction of technology and medicine. She details her college experience: My four years at MIT were the most [...]

Eva Rios – 2011 Pedrozzi Scholar

Eva Rios's journey through college has become an inspiration for her siblings, who now see higher education as a possibility. As the first person in her family to attend college, Eva Rios became a mentor, inspiration and role-model for her older and younger siblings. This 2011 Pedrozzi Scholar put herself through Cal State East Bay, [...]

Taylor Cole – 2015 Pedrozzi Scholar

Taylor Cole, 2015 Granada High School alum and Pedrozzi Scholar, hit the ground running, when she landed at her dream school, Babson College, in Boston. Developing a business and children's book, engaging with several extracurricular activities, spending time with friends, taking weekend road trips, and running, are proof that Taylor has the determination, spirit, and [...]